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“Humor is mankind's greatest blessing”

~ Mark Twain

Humorise helps to enhance humor skills within you. We conduct Humor Workshop, Open Mic and Comedy Shows. Leaders understand that people connect to Humor very fast. It accompanies us from beginning to end. That is why, when it comes to emphasizing a point, communicating with clarity or inspiring people, leaders use humor. It is no coincidence that all great leaders have great sense of humor.

Theater Lights

Occasions of use of humour at the workplace


Ongoing Relationships


During meetings




During negotiations


To obtain participation


To manage disagreements


During the coffee break


To manage conflicts


To overcome a taboo


To obtain a decision

Positive outcome of humour at the workplace


Better overall life


Remove tension from a situation


Avoid to take overselves too seriously


Reinforce the bonds among people 


Easily enter into relationships with people we do not know

Few words from great leaders

Bidisha Banerjee

Chief Talent Development, People Office,

Future Group

I belive humour gets people to actually listen to the speaker either in a meeting, presentation or a learning session. A lot of times it helps people to connect and aids in building trust among colleagues and is a great tool to motivate and engage employees. A leader who uses humour effectively will be able to drive goals, targests leading to increase in productivity.

Dr. Rajkumar Palanna


eMpulse Global

Humour in workplace is a very valuable ingredient for a successful company with a positive work environment. Without it, the stress level in modern corporate environment can take a toll on workplace resulting in poor delivery resulting in lower net income. There has to be some boundary lines that are adhered to in the culture. Employees should not feel targeted and uncomfortable.

Ashok Chakradhar

Humour in India

  • In 1980, Women told men, love me but don’t touch me.

  • In 1990, they said touch me but don’t kiss me.

  • In 2000, they said kiss me but nothing more.

  • In 2010, they said Do whatever but don’t tell anybody.

  • In 2019, they said Do something otherwise I’ll tell everybody that you don’t know how to do anything.

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