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Humor Workshop

“Laughter is an instant Vacation” ~ Milton Berle

Being Witty & Humorous is an skill like swimming or Typing which can be learnt if you are ready to put a little effort, no matter what you do, this unique skill equip you to better connect, communicate & influence. Every time you apply this Humor power to diffuse a conflict in professional life and stress will be bypassed. Our clients include corporate, educators, cultural spaces, Content Generators etc.


Humorise workshops are unique in the sense that our workshops are:

  • Experiential: It's not one way boring theory lecture but everything you learn here is through your own interactive experience of humor, practicing right techniques while having lot of fun.

  • Intensely Relevant: Every workshop is designed to create pleasant work environment enabling to achieve company’s goal.

  • Research Driven: This isn’t a hypothetical discussion, it’s what actually works.


You may choose one of the 3 Modules as per your requirement.


Module I  - “Make Work Play”

(Duration: 1 Day)

This module make participants practice IMPROVISATION techniques to transform work into play, When work itself a recreation who wants to leave early? In turn your productivity goes up. 


  • Fun at work: Employees look forward to coming to work, “Employees like to work for and with others who have a sense of humor. We all prefer to have fun at work.

  • Productivity: Humor replenishes your employees making them more productive.

  • Group Cohesion: Humor can increase a sense of belonging.

  • Stress Management: Humor is known for its cathartic emotional benefits that release stress.


Transformation after the workshop

  • Help your teams articulate project activities  better by empowering them with the art of Improvisation

  • Understand Why people laugh, structure and techniques to make anyone laugh.

  • While working employees are not only working, they are also playing.

Module II  - “Happier”

(Duration: 1 Day)

Have you ever noticed that Doctors or nurses in stressful times use humour with patients, this is not because of making their fun but to relieve stress which would have otherwise created more complications. This module make participants practice to get to start positive communication with a pinch of humor with self and others in professional lives to regulate stress, tremendously improves your psychological efficiency.


  • Learn bit of instant meditation to pop up stress on demand.

  • Why we laugh, Types of humour, what type is appropriate in professional world.

  • Practice Lateral thinking, be more creative

  • Good humor is a tonic for mind and body

  • Humor diffuses conflict.

  • Humor strengthens the immune system.

  • Humor connects us with others.


Transformation after the workshop

  • Participants can make a stressful situation lighter using different humor techniques.

  • Know yourself better using meditative techniques.

  • Their minds are more creative.

  • They express themselves more clearly without any fear with full control of their Voice, body language & mind.

Module III  - “Sell with humor”

(Duration: 1 Day)

The module is designed specifically for those deals in Marketing, Writing or Public Speaking. Humor increases the likability of the speaker


  • Humor increases persuasion

  • Humor gets people to listen

  • Humor builds credibility


Transformation after the workshop

  • After this module participants learn and start grabbing customer attention instantly through humor.

  • He can provide short doses of laughter while conveying his/her message to customer.

  • Laughter works like a fevicol in communication which cannot let your customer go if seller knows how to create humor with the flip of his finger.

  • Learn how to use this magic as a leadership tool and tell your point with a pinch of humor so customer will interestingly listen.

  • Humor provide context and make data interesting.

  • Don’t just dump data, learn how to tell in a funny manner instead.

  • how to present data so that everyone will enjoy listening to you

  • Data visualization

  • Tell it well (articulation & delivery)

Holding a Microphone

Open Mic

Open Mic is where you fertilize your jokes. You try different perspectives and finally find your comic voice or Persona. Humorise organizes Open Mics for professional and amateur comedians to test new material and to develop their acts. If you are interested in participating, be aware that this stage time is precious, use it productively. Do not waste this valuable opportunity by going unprepared.

Comedy shows

“There are only three things women need in life: food, water, and compliments” ~ Chris Rock

Humorise Offers comedic entertainment for corporate, private or live events. Let us book the perfect comedian for your event, regardless of the size of event or budget, we can find the right comedian who meets your needs. From household name headliners to the top local talent, we are one of the best qualified company in comedy industry to find the perfect fit for any occasion.


Our team is here to help you avoid all possible risks or hidden complications when booking entertainment for your event. Our love of comedy and knowledge of top quality talent and entertainment is why we are the one of the trusted in the industry. Humorise guaranteeing you laughs.

Comedian on Stage
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